• Audria O'Neill

Travel to Thailand for Tantra Teacher Training

I’m traveling halfway across the world – why? What has possessed me to go to Thailand for 6 weeks? For me it is more than a vacation, it is about fulfilling dreams that have consumed my life for the past two years. I’m a passionate person who has tended to want to stay small, but I realize I can’t do that and make the impact on the world that I desire to. I wish to guide others to be moved and forever changed as I have been.

It was the early summer of 2016 when I found myself lost, disconnected, and empty. I was living an enjoyable life, but a life with no real purpose besides to try and be happy. I’ve always been very aware of my energy and that at times I would be filled with explosive radiance and then burn out, being left drained… I didn’t know what this meant all my life, but I had hopes of learning how to control and find sustainable balance. That simple desire lead me into a world that makes so much sense for me that it makes me want to cry because I finally have the answers I’ve sought my entire life.

I thought I just needed a vacation… right? That will fix me. Google Search > Exotic Vacations > Result: Tantra Retreats. Google can be the beginning of so many interesting paths. I didn’t know what Tantra was, but my curiosity was spiked and two days from that very day was an Intro to Tantra Workshop in Santa Monica, CA lead by my since role model, Dawn Cartwright.

I modestly walked into that workshop and left forever changed. I felt my energy literally move, dance, and create a fire inside that awakened me in ways I never foresaw, but am beyond grateful for. Since then I have followed Dawn Cartwright for weeklong retreats in Ireland two years in a row and followed Layla Martin to Mexico for an all women’s tantric retreat. Tantra retreats are what I fell in love with and got me to do Layla Martin’s Certification Course to become a Love, Sex, and Relationship Coach in the first place, considering the essence and lessons are rooted in tantra.

If you don’t know me that well I will tell you I’ve always been a very spiritual person. I’ve always been a very sexual person ~ blessed with no shame surrounding sexuality as I grew up, I can be my most expressive, free, and authentic divine lover of life, myself, and people. I’m also someone who believes human connection and connection to everything (animals, nature, our moments) to be the most important thing that we can cherish and tap into.

Tantra turns out to be a non-denominational spiritual path that embraces the dark with the light and that see’s sexuality as a sacred and beautiful part of our whole mind-body-soul wellness. Spirituality and sexuality combined?! A lifestyle and career of helping people connect deeper with themselves, other people, and everything around them…? I clearly found my path.

That’s why I’m on my way to Thailand, the island of Koh Phangan, to do a 4-week (200 Hr) Tantra Teacher Training before a 2-week Internship at the retreat.

My dream is to come back ready to guide others into a life of sensational bliss and connection. I want to host international Tantra retreats a few times per year for various groups of like-minded people. Imagine with me an all women’s retreat in Ireland, a couples retreat in Mexico, and a single’s romantic mixer in Thailand - to name only a few. Then in-between retreats I would teach workshops - holding smaller retreats outside Los Angeles, and doing private coaching sessions with individuals and couples.

I don’t want to hide anymore… I want to share with you my luscious world of loving, erotic expression and the beauty, happiness, and healing it produces!


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