• Audria O'Neill

My Time & Lessons in Thailand

I absolutely made the right decision to do this Tantra Teacher Training at Samma Karuna in beautiful Thailand. We have class 6 days a week – Sundays off – with theory followed by experiential in the morning and then again in the afternoon, getting off at 6pm in the evenings.

So far, in order, we learned and worked on Boundaries > then Rejection > then Inner Child > then Love. These are the core that must be worked on to then move forward.

This fact makes me think about the misunderstandings people have around Tantra. Due to westernization and sensationalism people can tend to think Tantra is all about sex, when in reality it is about love.

“Intimacy is not about gymnastics in the bedroom, it is about opening your heart” -Ishi

Tantra is a divine way of living life where you see every moment as sacred and connect deeply to everyone and everything. It revolves around acceptance and the belief that everything is exactly as it is should be already. Once your will breaks you reach surrender and thus bliss. We must let go of our notions of how thing should be and accept reality.

Learning Tantra is not about sexual tips and tricks to make sex more intense. You learn Tantra to heal so you can open your heart fully, be completely in the present moment, fully give, fully receive, and thus enter into a trance like state of divine connection and bliss when communing with another person.

We have 20 students in the class – 9 men and 11 women – only 4 from the United States, most from Europe. I already feel so close to every single person and today is only day 4 out of 30. Off to class now! Be well and realize that you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are and you deserve to be loved.



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