Boundaries: Learn and practice the most effective ways to assert your own boundaries, as well as how to respond when someone asserts a boundary of theirs with you.

Rejection: Become aware of the ways people react to rejection and the healthiest way to react instead, so you can end cycles of repetitive rejection.

Abandonment: We all have a degree of fear around being abandoned, because as infants we instinctively knew that if we were abandoned we would die. As adults we have found ways to try to prevent feeling abandoned, such as clinging, controlling, or leaving others first. This module we learn powerful insights and tools to be more patient with others experiencing fears of abandonment, how to soften our own fears around being left so that we start accepting more requests for connection, stop ending relationships prematurely, and stop pushing people away. We will calm and empower ourselves!

Shame: Discover the complexity of shame so you can also unravel it from your life. Shame is a form of control that ultimately does no good because it does not change true desires, it only creates more misunderstanding, lack of acceptance, and hate. When behavior plays out in the shadows it becomes the most dangerous and destructive. In this module we gain understanding of the truth of us humans so we can normalize that which we've been hiding and remove the heavy weight.

Acceptance: Life is so much harder when we work against the truth. We experience freedom from unnecessary pain when we stop judging the way things are, and instead see the need or beauty in how things are and work from that reality instead of a reality of denial. 

Self Love: 

Here we really learn how to be our own best friend, we are the one always with ourselves, after all. If the relationship you have with yourself is abusive then you will never be happy. Here we nurture the relationship you have with yourself.

Intro Workshop


Learn about what is holding you back from having deeper relationships, from being your highest self, and having the life you only dream about.

In this workshop via zoom chat we begin with a lesson, then go into a meditation and mindfulness practices, and finish with sharing.

8 Week Live Virtual Course


Every 2 months I take on a small group of those committed to taking the journey together into removing the ego, healing our wounds, and embracing our authentic selves.

*Limited to 20 group members

*Access to private online community for support and bonding


*Weekly Lessons + Shares + Meditations + Mindfulness Exercises

8 Week Live Virtual Course


If you rather experience the path of removing the ego, healing wounds, and being your authentic self in private 1 on 1 sessions between just you and I, then this is the path for you!


FOR 1 ON 1