Revolutionary Loving

Choose Loving Authenticity instead of the Mask & Armor

Every Module includes lessons, strategies, a meditation, and a personal quiz so you can better know yourself and what will work best for you specifically!

I will be with you every step of the way, giving you my personal insight, advice, and encouragement.

And if you choose to learn within a circle of new friends then you will have them cheering you as well!


* Learn and practice the most effective ways to assert your own boundaries

* Learn and practice how to respond when someone asserts a boundary of theirs with you

This is essential, which is why it is LESSON ONE, because when boundaries are crossed people don't feel safe in the relationship. However, a lot of times people aren't even stating what their boundaries were in the first place or we don't understand why they need it, focus on a feeling of being rejected, and thus push against the boundary which pushes people away...


* Become aware of the 4 ways people react to rejection

* Learn and practice the only correct way to react instead


It's all a vicious cycle that we must end by working on each element. A lack of boundaries and focus on our fear of rejection creates a pattern of being rejected, which is rooted in every humans primal fear of being abandoned. However, people seek safety and so you have to learn to control your fears and triggers otherwise it will forever push people away.


* Soften our fears so we start accepting requests for connection...

* Stop ending relationships prematurely...

* Stop pushing people away

* Learn how to self soothe

* Make people feel confident you are someone safe to connect with

* Learn to be more patient with others experiencing fears of abandonment

We all have a degree of fear around being abandoned, because as infants we instinctively knew that if we were abandoned we would die. As adults we have found ways to try to prevent feeling abandoned, such as clinging, controlling, or leaving others first.  We will overcome our fears and learn how to calm and empower ourselves!


* Overcome fears around desires

* Learn how to talk to someone who might be feeling shame

* Find out how to experience your deepest desires in ethical ways that keep both you and your partner feeling comfortable

Shame is hiding something about ourselves because at some point it was suggested to us that this desire (etc) is bad. This creates disconnection because the person feeling shame doesn't know how to talk about it and so things can spiral into lies, deceit, and even full on double lives. It is essential to understand our partners if we are going to create a mutually satisfying, happy, and connected life with them!


We have come to learn the truth of human sexuality and that things people fear are not normal actually ARE normal, common, and/or able to be expressed and experienced in ethical ways! 


* Learn the ancient philosophy that all spiritual gurus swear by to obtain happiness

* Release the need for expectations and for people to be other than they are

* Work with the flow of life instead of struggling against it

Life is so much harder when we work against the truth. We experience freedom from unnecessary pain when we stop judging the way things are, and instead see the situation we're in as a gift for growth.


* The right way to talk to yourself, even when you've let yourself down

* Self soothing strategies

* Find out why self love is the root of getting the life you truly wish for

Here we really learn how to be our own best friend, we are the one always with ourselves, after all. If the relationship you have with yourself is abusive then you will never be happy. Here we nurture the relationship you have with yourself so that you are can stop feeling controlled by your need for another's love and attention.


* Learn about your attachment style and what this means for how to best operate in relationships

* Find out your love languages and how to ensure the people in your life feel loved in their own way

* Learn and practice ways to feel connection with others quickly

No two individuals are exactly the same. In fact, we are all a combination of preferences and needs due to a multitude of factors, with a heavy emphasis on the specific things we experienced growing up.


As we make new connections of all types in our life it will be essential to efficiently figure out others needs so the interaction can be harmonious and successful.  


* Practices in compassion

* Learn the importance of holding space for someone

* Be the leader of creating your dream life and a guide for others