"Relationships are a container for evolution. They are a portal into our greatest wounds and our greatest desires,"

- Layla Martin

Relationships come in many forms. I welcome all kinds of love, whether

queer, kinky, or ethically non-monogamous. Love is love.

In love we strive for togetherness, to forego the idea that we were ever just an individual... however, in eroticism it's all about the mystery of the individuals. To maintain eroticism and love we must not forget our own and our partners individuality and respect them for who they truly are. Together we will find clarity around each individual and the relationship itself, create stronger communication, and apply bonding practices to bring you closer than ever. In a safe space we will emerge parts of yourself that your partner(s) may have forgotten or never knew of and bring back deep admiration and respect for each person's unique self. 

I get my couples clients results by...

*Having all individuals be fully seen and heard

*Find more empowering narratives that are understanding of their partner's views and in relation to the reality of the situation vs what's being perceived due to conditioning

*Restore independence and intrigue

*Introduce new communication skills

*Learn how to deal with mismatching desires

*Learn how to navigate the world of kink, BDSM, play parties, etc - if it is a desire

*Create your own mutually agreed upon rules within the relationship

*Decode and handle jealousy in a way that makes you grow

*Teach bonding practices

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