It's your time to come alive and bloom into the fully realized Goddess you are...

Everyone is so unique with our varying genders, sexualities, conditioning, inhibitions, and preferences. Let's delve deep into why you are the way you are while providing healing along the way. Together we will rewire the way you think and feel about the topics that matter most to you so you can be your most confident and empowered self with the love and sex life you crave.


I get my clients results by...

*Helping to change the relationship you has with love and sex through perspective shifts

*Releasing shame and trauma

*Restoring a healthy and empowered body image

*Giving yourself permission to experience pleasure at all times

*Teaching sensual embodiment practices that will arouse in a whole new way and help to stay empowered

*Showing how to bring more overall pleasure into life

*Journeying through and healing blockages with both men and women

*Teaching how to enjoy sex more and rid pain or complications from being a part of the sexual experience

*Teaching how to achieve orgasm on a regular basis

*Normalizing sexual fantasies and desires

*Teaching simple practices that can be used during and after sex to promote a stronger bond with your partner(s)

*Teaching how to expand your sexual energy to nourish yourself AND others

*Practicing personal empowerment

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