As a very young child I had big dreams, I was expressive and lively. But too soon I would witness confusing violence and manipulative sexual experiences. My view of myself and my destiny was shattered into only what I could see as a dark, unfortunate version. 

My trauma played itself out as I was growing up... drugs, self mutilation, looking for love in the wrong places, reckless behaviour of putting myself in harms way... And then, on top of that, it became clear to me I had manic depression.

I attempted to have a good life, and to the observer it would seem it I did... but I wasn't truly happy... I felt unfulfilled and lost...


I had resentment that kept me from forgiving, fear that stopped me from creating new meaningful relationships, and anger that was buried so deep down that it only showed itself in my nightly dreams.

It was back in 2015 when I started my own personal journey to true healing and self growth. I stumbled upon tantra which unexpectedly triggered self discovery, divine inspiration, and ecstatic passion that has since guided me back to the self and life that I deserved ~ a life where I let myself be my TRUE SELF.

It was through the spiritual path of tantra that I came to understand what holistic, conscious sexuality really means and how changing the relationship you have with your sexuality changes your life. It enabled me to experience guided meditation, breathwork, self love embodiment practices, and how to connect deeper with myself, others, and all that is.

I traveled to Ireland, Mexico, Thailand, and Australia in pursuit of spiritual awakening and a liberated self!

Embracing a spiritual path that is based on vulnerability, compassion, liberation, and connection...? That's exactly what I needed, and what I believe the world truly needs.

Opening my eyes to a life through a tantric perspective enabled me to develop true deep connections with people, maintain and nurture relationships, and become the person I have always wanted to be.

Learn About My Adventures in Tantra!

I now have tools to a truly happy life and a stronger ability to find and maintain meaningful relationships of all sorts with less conflict and less heartbreak. These tools help anyone who is serious about their self growth. You can and will have the love life, sex life, and thus the life of your dreams... but work must first be done to become the you that you were always meant to become.


I've been making consumable content for you, hosting discussion circles & tantra workshops, and will soon be launching an online program. Start off with the free guided meditation I have available for you to download today.

Because I have been heartbroken, because I have been abused, because I have been neglected, because I have been poor, because I have been manipulated, used, and controlled, because I have been without a home, because I have been violated, and because I have been BRAVE I will not fear what could happen in life. If I fear, it is what life would be like if I held myself back. Your life is waiting for you.

 Grow like the lotus flower up through the mud,

where you will eventually reach daylight and breeze, you enjoying the world while the world enjoys you.

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