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Get to Know Me

I've been studying sexuality for nearly 15 years with over

1,000 Hours of Teacher Training


One on One Coaching Sessions with Women

Experiential Workshops

Sisterhood Socials

Transformational Retreats

As a Certified Intimacy Coach, I incorporate tantric wisdom and holistic sexuality into mindfulness sessions that bring my clients into self-love, empowerment, deeper intimacy, and successful relationships.

I have spent the last 4 years traveling the world in devotion to the life changing path of compassion and the study and practice of holistic sexuality and authentic relating. My passion is in helping women overcome shame, trauma, and intimacy blocks so that each woman can blossom into their own individual thriving love goddess.

I have studied in Thailand, Australia, Ireland, and Mexico, completing over 1,000 hours worth of training.

Why "Holistic" Sexuality?

I have lived on both extremes of my libidio running my life. At one point I was completely detached from my sexuality and looked down on women who celebrated theirs. At one point I was completely in my sexual power and liberation, but sadly living without meaningful soul connections. In both cases I didn't have an actual healthy relationship to my sexuality that gave me a fulfilling, empowering, WELL ROUNDED life.


In a healthy, balanced approach to sexuality and relationships sex is a healthy part of your life, instead of controlling your life such as letting a resistance to it ruin your marriage or a need for it drive you to make regrettable/unhealthy decisions (like letting your boundaries be crossed, cheating, or sleeping with the wrong people). I found the missing piece that is all too often missing in order to create that happy balance within ourselves and in our relationships - the intimacy piece!


I learned that all that needed to change in order for my life and relationships to change was MYSELF. So now I help people develop in depth compassion/intimacy with themselves AND others (both things very different and very important), so that they can act from a standpoint of self love, connect with others in an authentic open hearted way, be fully loved and love fully, and experience heart warming sexual relationships that touch your soul - full of safety, trust, romance, and everlasting friendship.