My Mission

To help others learn how to live in the moment, acting from their inner truth, with integrity and love, in all situations regardless of the many, various obstacles in this life.

My mission is to help you embody true compassion for others and yourself.

Love is love.


About  Audria

Audria is a community creator, mindfulness & meditation teacher, conscious sexuality coach, group facilitator, podcaster, and feminist wife.

Audria has spent time learning and applying mindfulness into every facet of her life, completing numerous certifications while studying in Ireland, Mexico, Thailand, and Australia.

In her current mini series podcast "Make Love" she explains the core concepts of "conscious" sexuality which is not to be confused with an act, but instead a way of living as your authentic self, exploring in responsible and considerate ways, and lovingly setting boundaries.

In her workshops she guides brave seekers into meditations that provoke deep insight and facilitates connection between members through vulnerable shares and compassionate reflecting.

When with her one - on - one she tailors immersive transformative experiences for those who are truly ready for change and growth. 

InBloom Society New Moon New Love Event

InBloom Society New Moon New Love Event

On Retreat in Ireland with Tantra Teacher Dawn Cartwright

Photo by Cassandra Barragan

InBloom Society New Moon New Love Event

Recording my Podcast "Make Love"

Current Hair!

InBloom Society New Moon New Love Event

Ready for a Tantra Workshop

Recording my Podcast "Make Love"

Workshop - Photo by Cassandra Barragan

The love of my life

Workshop - Photo by Cassandra Barragan

Workshop - Photo by Cassandra Barragan

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Audria was a fantastic coach. She has an incredibly warm and welcoming energy as well as a great sense of one's feelings and emotions. She made me feel totally comfortable and at ease. Needless to say, I would highly recommend learning from Audria.

I usually have a hard time being vulnerable with people I don't know, but Audria cultivated a space where I felt comfortable, feminine, and open. The environment she created, and the flow of the exercises she so skillfully orchestrated, kept me in the moment and engaged to the people around me. Rather than staying in my own head, planning how to give the "perfect" answer, or how to participate "correctly", I was assured on a deep level that my instincts were welcomed, and accepted. 

Joe F.

Brook B.


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